General Dentistry

General Dentistry Keeps Your Smile Healthy

While you can get services such as dental implants at the dentist office of Dr. Hood Biggers, we also offer an extensive range of general dentistry in Midlothian, VA. Call us at 804-744-4000 to take care of your family’s general dentistry needs, including regular dental cleanings and exams. You will benefit from our advanced technology, like our new 3D X-ray machine.

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Get a Comprehensive Dental Cleaning and Exam

Dr. Biggers teams up with a hygienist in his Midlothian, VA dentist office to give you a truly comprehensive dental exam that addresses all aspects of your oral health. Your teeth get a thorough cleaning both above and below the gumline, which helps prevent tooth decay and gingivitis by keeping harmful bacteria at bay.

Dr. Biggers likes to use the most up-to-date dental technology at Biggers Family Dentistry, and he incorporates it even in routine exams. We use the Planmeca ProMax system to take X-rays, so you don’t need to worry about putting bulky films in your mouth or even moving around as images are taken. Instead, the sophisticated machinery quickly moves around your head to produce the images while you stand still and relax.

Fight Gum Disease with a Deep Cleaning

Healthy gums are the foundation of a great smile. At Biggers Family Dentistry, our treatments for gum disease include dental scaling and root planing. We’ll remove especially stubborn plaque and tartar (scaling), then smooth your tooth roots to make it tougher for bacteria to accumulate (root planing). We’ll administer local anesthesia to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

Athletic Mouthguards Keep You in the Game

If anyone understands the importance of a well-fitting mouthguard worn during athletic activities, it’s Dr. Biggers. He served as the official dentist of the Richmond Renegades professional hockey team for 15 years.

He can create comfortable, custom mouthguards that will protect the mouths and teeth of your entire family. Custom mouthguards are made of materials that are easy to keep clean and that will stand up to all the abuse you – or your opponents – can dish out.

To find out how Biggers Family Dentistry can satisfy all your general dentistry needs, call 804-744-4000. Or use our online form to request an appointment at our Midlothian, VA dentist office.

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