Dentures Give You Back Your Smile

Missing teeth can give your face a “sunken-in” look, and they can make it tough to enjoy eating your favorite foods. Dentures in Midlothian, VA can be the simplest and most cost-effective option for replacing multiple missing teeth.

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Biggers Family Dentistry offers several different types of these in our dentist office, one of which may be the right solution to restore your smile. Call 804-744-4000 for an appointment.

A Denture Remains a Reliable Tooth Replacement Option

Despite newer choices, they remain a reliable option for replacing teeth. It’s no wonder, given their benefits! Unlike some other tooth replacement options, a denture:

  • Doesn’t require lengthy or invasive procedures
  • Is affordable
  • Can replace anywhere from just a few missing teeth to an entire arch

With Dental Implants, Your Denture Isn’t Going Anywhere

Dr. Hood Biggers can use dental implants to anchor your denture in your mouth. Unlike those that rest on your gums, these attach to titanium rods that have been implanted into your jaw. It’s a good option for many people because:

  • It’s stable. It won’t slip because they’re securely attached to dental implants. And they offer chewing power that is comparable to your own teeth.
  • It’s convenient. No more adhesive to keep them in place! They are easier to care for when secured with implants.
  • It’s comfortable. The ones attached to implants are more comfortable to wear than those that sit on your gums.
  • It’s good for your oral health. Dental implants stimulate your jawbone much like your own tooth roots, so you won’t lose bone density the way you can with the traditional option.

You’ve Got Multiple Denture Choices

Whether you’re missing just a few teeth or an entire mouthful of teeth, we’ve got options that will work for you. Your choices include:

  • Removable teeth, both full and partial. These are held in place by natural suction and adhesive.
  • Dental implant. You can get the ones that snap onto your dental implants (implant retained) or the ones that clip onto a support bar connected to your implants (implant supported).
  • Immediate. We can make temporary ones that you can wear right after your teeth are extracted. You’ll be able to eat and enjoy other normal oral functions while you wait to have your new smile created.

Make Sure Your Denture Fits

It’s essential to get a good fit for you. Ill-fitting replacement teeth can slip, causing discomfort as well as problems with speech and chewing. That’s why it’s important to see a seasoned dental professional like Dr. Biggers, Midlothian, VA dentist and a member of the Academy of Implant Dentistry, who has many years of experience in creating them.

He takes careful impressions of your existing teeth and jaw as well as measurements of your mouth. Those measurements are used to make a model of the denture for you to wear to determine if it needs any adjustments. The model is then used to produce a final cast. We’ll make any adjustments necessary to improve the appearance or comfort of your denture.

Dr. Biggers will be happy to discuss more with you during a free consultation in his Midlothian, VA dentist office. Call 804-744-4000 or use our online form for an appointment with Biggers Family Dentistry.

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