Oral Surgery

Trust Our Experienced Dentist with Oral Surgery

Oral surgery in Midlothian, VA  can relieve pain, save your smile, and even make it look and work better than before. If you suffer from a crowded mouth or diseased teeth, we can address those problems with safe extractions. Biggers Family Dentistry can also help you build bone mass with a bone graft so you can get dental implants.

Dr. Hood Biggers has over 30 years of dental experience; this coupled with anti-anxiety sedation and advanced dental technology make choosing us for oral surgery an easy decision. Call us at 804-744-4000 to schedule your free consultation with our Midlothian, VA dentist if you think you need oral surgery.

Oral Surgery Options Include Bone Grafts, Tooth Removal

Here are some of the oral surgery procedures we offer right here in our office.

  • Tooth Removal / ExtractionsTeeth are meant to last your entire life, but that doesn’t always happen. Damage from accidents or disease could cost you one or more of your teeth. We can gently remove problem teeth that can’t be fixed another way. We also offer dental implants to replace any natural teeth you have lost.
  • Sinus LiftsIf you want to get dental implants in your upper jaw, you might run into a problem if you lack enough bone mass. Sinus lifts build up the bone in your upper jaw by “lifting” a piece of your bone into your sinus cavity and filling the void with new bone material. This promotes new bone growth and can make dental implants a reality for you.
  • Bone GraftsBone grafts have the same goal as sinus lifts. Bone grafts promote new bone growth to increase your bone mass in a certain area. This is often done to help prepare the area for dental implants.

Dr. Biggers can advise you on whether a sinus lift or a bone graft is the best procedure to help make you a good candidate for dental implants.

Call 804-744-4000 today to schedule your free oral surgery consultation at Biggers Family Dentistry in Midlothian, VA. Or you can use our online form to request your preferred appointment time.

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