I’m in Pain or Have Discomfort

Dental pain is hard to deal with. Restorative dentistry care from Biggers Family Dentistry in Midlothian, VA will give you the relief you are seeking for your pain and get your smile back to being bright and healthy again in no time. Call our dental office at 804-744-4000 to schedule your restorative dentistry appointment.

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Solutions for Damaged Teeth

Here are just some of the restorative dentistry issues that Biggers Family Dentistry can take care of for you and to ease your dental pain.

    • Cracked Teeth – A cracked tooth can result in the loss of your tooth. A same-day dental crown from Dr. Hood Biggers can help save your tooth and relieve your pain.
    • Broken Teeth – If you break a tooth, you need to contact Biggers Family Dentistry immediately. Depending on how severe your break is, we may be able to correct it with a CEREC same-day dental crown. For more severe breaks, a tooth extraction might be the only way to ensure your smile stays healthy.
  • Infected Teeth (Toothache) – An infected tooth, left untreated, can cause some pretty serious health issues. Root canal treatment from Dr. Hood Biggers is practically painless and will remove the infection so it does not spread to the rest of your mouth or body.

Get Excellent Restorative Dental Care from Dr. Biggers

Repair your smile and live pain-free after calling Biggers Family Dentistry at 804-744-4000. Use our online form to ask any questions you might have regarding restorative dentistry in Midlothian, VA. You can even schedule your appointment online.