3 Ways Technology Helps Your Smile

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When it comes to having a great-looking smile, technology can play a major role. Biggers Family Dentistry has stayed ahead of the curve for years when it comes to providing state-of-the-art procedures.

Our Midlothian, VA dental office is here to give you a great smile without the hassle or dental fear. Today, we want to discuss three different pieces of technology that allow us to get precise results that are long-lasting and gentle. Here are the treatments we want to focus on today:

Precise, 3-D Imaging

The more you know about your smile, the better. Advanced 3-D imaging is a new tool we dentists use to effectively diagnose your problems and plan out your treatments. Most dental offices use two-dimensional digital X-rays. These X-rays are an improvement from the traditional X-rays because of the better image and reduction in radiation, but the 3-D images allow us to see the entire oral cavity, which is ideal for planning out complex treatments and helps you avoid a visit to a hospital for a CAT scan. We can take care of your X-rays in our office.

3-D images are especially helpful in planning treatments like dental implants. It’s helpful to see the entire oral cavity and jawbone levels to find the most appropriate location for the implant. 3-D image allows us to place implants with a 98 percent success rate and reduce the overall recovery rate.

So you’ll have a better implant and less sensitivity after the procedure.  

Same-day crowns

Dental crowns are extremely versatile and long-lasting. We can use dental crowns to repair damaged teeth, to fit bridges, or to restore dental implants . Around the country this year, dentists will place millions of crowns. Unfortunately, many dental offices need two or three visits to place a permanent crown. They first prepare the tooth, and then you’ll wear a temporary crown while the permanent restoration is being fabricated. The technology known as CEREC allows us to create a permanent crown on the spot.

Using CEREC, we can prepare the tooth, design the crown, fabricate the crown, and place the crown all in just one visit. Instead of two or three visits, CEREC allows us to finish your crown treatment in about 90 minutes. You can leave work for lunch and come back with a permanent, beautiful crown that will last for years.

Additionally, we’re only using metal-free crowns that blend in perfectly with your smile.

Treat Soft Tissue With Laser Dentistry

Biggers Family Dentistry has trained to use a tool called the diode laser to treat soft tissue problems in the mouth. Cosmetic issues with the gums can disrupt a great smile. If you have too much of the gums covering the teeth, we can use a soft-tissue laser to reshape the gums. The laser is a great alternative to cutting and stitching the gums. The laser evaporates the extra gum tissue and allows the teeth and gums to reattach naturally. As you can imagine, the recovery period for laser dentistry is much faster than traditional gum surgery.

Find Your State-of-the-Art Dentist Today

If you’re looking for a good dentist who uses the latest technology and modern techniques, then Biggers Family Dentistry is the place for you. We’d love to speak with you about your smile goals. Give us a call today at 804-977-0092 to schedule your first visit.

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