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The new school year is rapidly approaching. For many of us, it might seem like summer has just begun, but nevertheless, it’s nearly that time to send our children back to school. Between the back-to-school shopping and getting the classes ready, it’s important not to overlook your children’s dental health.

Dr. Hood Biggers and his Midlothian, VA dental team can help give your child a great start to the school year. We offer thorough exams and preventive dental services for children. Today, we want to explore some dental facts that you need to know about your children’s teeth. The more you know about your children’s teeth, the higher the likelihood that they’ll have better teeth for the rest of their lives.

Here are some tips that can help you keep your children’s teeth healthier and more beautiful.

Practice the 2-2-2 Rule With Your Child

The 2-2-2 rule is a method of oral hygiene for everyone, not just children. The idea is simple. You visit the dentist TWICE a year, brush TWICE a day for TWO minutes at a time. Most people know to brush at least twice a day, but many people aren’t brushing long enough. Here’s something you should try to practice — or have your children practice: Brusher longer and not harder. We dentists often see folks who scrub their teeth too hard during brushing. The harmful substances you’re removing during brushing are soft and easy to remove. So, the next time you brush or have your child brush, remember to brush for the full two minutes.

Take Your Children to the Dentist Early!

The prevention methods for your children’s teeth have advanced immensely over the years. We also know more about the development of the teeth and oral cavity. So now dentists everywhere, and the American Dental Association, recommend that you bring your child to the dentist by the time they are 1. Seeing your child at this age allows us to make sure their teeth are developing properly, and we can even give your parents some tips on teething, brushing, and nutrition.

But aside from the medical benefits, bringing your child to the dentist gets them comfortable with the dentist. If your child isn’t afraid of the dentist, then it’s most likely that they have healthier teeth and great dental care down the road.

Set Them Up With Quality Prevention

The key to maintaining a great smile is a combination of at-home care and in-office care. While we dentists do advise parents to set their children up with prevention dental options, understand this is much less expensive than restoration. In fact, studies have found that for every dollar spent on prevention, you’ll save eight dollars on restorative treatment.

We have two types of prevention for children: fluoride treatments and dental sealants. We’ll find fluoride in most toothpastes, and that’s because it’s been proven to reduce the risk of tooth decay and even repair tooth enamel. But we dentists also use fluoride varnish during dental exams and cleanings.  

Dental sealants, on the other hand, are thin layers of plastic that are placed over the biting surface of the tooth. Our dental sealants can last years and protect the teeth from decay and harmful acids.

Bring Your Children to Our Office This Year

It’s important to find the best dentist for your children. Most of our staff members have children of their own, and we love treating youngsters and showing them the importance of a great smile. By focusing on your children’s dental health now, you’ll give them a better, brighter smile that will last for years. So give us a call today at 804-977-0092 .


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