Dazzle Them With Your Bright, White Smile

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Try to imagine that moment when people see you again. They know something is different, but they can’t place it right away.

You seem more confident. You even look a little younger, and your smile just looks … nicer.

Professional teeth whitening may seem like a simple procedure, but it can have a big impact. We can’t tell you how many patients have come to our dentist office in Midlothian, VA because they want to see a bright smile when they look in the mirror.

We can help make that happen, however.

To see the results for yourself, call (804) 621-2199 or contact Biggers Family Dentistry by filling out our online form . An appointment today could give you a whiter smile tomorrow.


How Bright Do YOU Want Your Smile To Be?

Since the 4th of July is just days away, let’s use fireworks as an analogy for the different ways you could whiten your teeth.

Just as there are different kinds of fireworks, there are different kinds of whitening, and some are clearly more powerful than others.

Whitening toothpaste is like sparklers. It can make things a little brighter, but the effects don’t last that long.

Over-the-counter whitening gels and strips could be compared to Roman candles. These give you a little more bang for your buck, but they also can be dangerous if used incorrectly. The whitening gels and strips can remove some of the stains below the surface of your teeth so the effects last a little longer.

Last, we come to professional teeth whitening, which we offer as part of our cosmetic dentistry .

This is like the professional fireworks display. This lasts longer, has the biggest impact, and make a memorable impression on the people who see it.

But most importantly, professional whitening can remove the deepest stains from your smile.


How Teeth Get Stained

Many patients come to us because they are tired of having yellow teeth. These stains develop gradually. You may go years without noticing the changes until one day it becomes obvious to you that you should do something to bring back your “pearly whites.”

How did your teeth become stained? It’s usually because of a combination of many things:

◼ Coffee

◼ Desserts

◼ Pasta

◼ Sauces of all kinds

◼ Soft drinks

◼ Sports drinks

◼ Tea

◼ Tobacco

◼ Wine

Almost anything we eat or drink will add to the stains on our smiles. And the more meals and snacks we have, the more those stains grow.

As much as food and drink contribute to those stains, tobacco can cause these stains to develop much, much faster. There are plenty of health reasons to avoid tobacco products. Keeping your smile looking nicer could prove some added the motivation to quit.


Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

We will start with the most obvious one.

White teeth look nicer. There’s a reason people ask to see your “pearly whites” when they want to take your picture. White teeth look more attractive.

Having white teeth can boost your confidence. This is one we can base on our experience in the office. Several patients have come to our office because they felt ashamed because of how yellow or dark their teeth had become.

After completing professional teeth whitening treatment, many of them smiled more easily and spoke without feeling the need to cover their mouths.

White teeth can make you look younger. British newspaper The Daily Mail demonstrated this with the benefit of photo editing software. They showed people photos of celebrities and models with their natural teeth and teeth that were made to look whiter.

People were asked to estimate the ages of the people in the photos. The people who saw the photos with the whiter teeth estimated that the person pictured was as much as 12 years younger than people who saw photos with a darker smile.

You can whiten your teeth in a short amount of time. Unlike some other procedures, teeth whitening can be done relatively quickly. It’s something almost anyone can do to improve his or her smile without waiting months or years to enjoy the benefits.


Ready To Let Your Smile Shine?

If so, now it’s time for you to call (804) 621-2199 or contact us online to set up your appointment at our dentist office in Midlothian, VA. Dr. Hood Biggers can examine your teeth to let you know if teeth whitening will work for you.


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