Don’t Fall For These Teeth Whitening Myths [BLOG]

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Teeth whitening is the most widely-requested cosmetic treatment in dentist offices across the country. It’s a quick, affordable way to enhance your smile and boost your self-esteem.

It’s also probably why you see an endless selection of whitening products lining shelves in the oral care aisle of any drugstore.

We all want radiant white teeth, but our team at Biggers Family Dentistry wants you to know why you shouldn’t fall for the false promises of store-brand whitening kits.

Instead, you should trust our professionals Midlothian, VA to whiten your teeth safely and effectively!

Don’t Fall For These Teeth Whitening Myths

It might feel like you’re saving time and money at first.

But is a drugstore teeth whitening kit worth it if you don’t get results?

We think your time is more valuable than that, and your smile is too important to put in the hands of some nameless manufacturer whose only concern is turning a profit.

To protect your smile investment, we’re debunking some myths about store-bought teeth whitening products.

Myth #1 – Retail Whitening Kits Are Effective

Because teeth whitening systems found in stores are available to the general public, the law only allows manufacturers to use very weak concentrations of bleaching agents.

While this makes perfect sense in terms of safety, it’s exactly why they don’t work!

Sure, you may see a slight difference in the whiteness level, but the results from store-brand products will never measure up to the professional-strength whitening systems only available at the dentist office.

Myth #2 – Retail Whitening Kits Are Easy

Pick any teeth whitening kit off the drugstore shelf, and you’ll see declarations on the package about how easy it is to apply.

Maybe some of them are, but more often than not, what you’ll find inside the packages are instructions in tiny print that aren’t just hard to read, but often too vague to follow correctly.

That’s if you find any instructions at all. Many whitening products simply throw two or three poorly-illustrated steps somewhere on the box and expect consumers to decode the steps easily.

Myth #3 – Retail Whitening Kits Are Safe

Without supervision of a trained professional, teeth whitening products from a store are wide open for risk.

One major reason you can’t rely on safe application with store-brand kits is that they use one-size-fits-all trays and strips. These products are mass-produced, which means the same mouth tray that fits one consumer fairly well is going to slide all over the place for another consumer.

The whitening strips are no different.

This poses a risk for overexposure, because even the weak concentration level in store-bought whitening gels can irritate your sensitive gum tissues.

Some of these whitening kits also include gels or pastes that are too abrasive, which can harm your enamel and increase tooth sensitivity.

Trust The Professionals!

When it comes to safe application and reliable results, your best bet is to trust the professionals to whiten your teeth.

Teeth whitening at Biggers Family Dentistry is stronger and safer than store-brand kits and customized to fit only you.

Get the results you can count on with teeth whitening treatment in Midlothian, VA. Call us today at 804-977-0092 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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