Don’t Fall Victim to Bad Dental Tourism

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There is a trend in America of people traveling abroad to get cheaper dental care. It’s estimated that about 500,000 Americans receive dentistry abroad. This is a specific type of tourism in which patients travel across the world to receive cost-effective dental treatment. Unfortunately, some Americans have fallen victim to bad dental tourism and are paying the price. Our Midlothian, VA dental office wants to spare you the trouble of falling for bad dental tourism by offering convenient care in your neighborhood.

Biggers Family Dentistry wants the best for everyone who visits our office, even if you decide to get your dental care somewhere else. We’d love to meet with you to guide you to a better, brighter smile. Give us a call today at 804-977-0092  to book your first visit. Today, we want to explain some of the concerns of dental tourism.

Pay a Little Now and a Lot Later

The biggest perk of dental tourism is the cost. Everyone wants a great deal. We like to find the best price for our cars, appliances, and even medical procedures. Commoditizing your health isn’t always the best option.

Based on the price, dental tourism is extremely alluring. Studies have found that you might pay 40 to 80 percent less than you might in the United States. That’s significant, but you have to look past the price. Let’s say you get a dental implant abroad, but whenever you return home, something doesn’t feel right. You might have trouble finding a dentist you want to correct that work. In some cases, you might even have to replace all of that dental work! So instead of saving money, you’re investing even more.

Besides, when it comes to major reconstructive dental work, it’s important to have access to a dental professional who can answer all of your question before, during, and especially after your treatment. Dr. Biggers and his staff are incredible about following up with patients and ensuring that their treatment will be comfortable and long-lasting.

Pay Attention to Credentials and Accreditations

Some of the biggest destinations for dental tourism are Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand. Those are wonderful places to visit, but those places may not have the strict medical requirements that we have in America. To be able to place dental implants or complete big projects like full-mouth reconstructions in the United States, you’ll need a host of accreditations and training. There is no guarantee that dentists abroad will have the same training or be beholden to such strict standards. So, there is concern about the quality of the treatment

Dr. Biggers has the proper training to treat dental problems big or small. He has more than 30 years of experience and is involved in some of the most prestigious dental organizations. He has memberships with the American Dental Association, Richmond Dental Society, Virginia Dental Association, and even the American Academy of Implant Dentistry .  

Great Dentistry Can Take Time

If you need extensive dental work, such as replacing missing teeth, that treatment might take a little time. In some cases, you can resolve your dental problems in one visit, but we often need to space out treatment to make sure the procedure is comfortable. We might need to build up the bone or gum tissue.  And, if you’re getting implants, these implants need time to heal, and that can take a few months. Unless you’re planning on staying in a foreign country for several months, it will be nearly impossible for those doctors to follow-up with you.

At Biggers Family Dentistry, we’ll walk you through every aspect of the treatment. After your first visit, you’ll know exactly what you’ll need to spend and the treatment timeline. We even have a special dental savings plan that you can enroll in. You’ll have no surprises when you come to our office. So give us a call today at 804-977-0092 to schedule a consultation.  

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