Overcoming Dental Anxiety Takes Time But You CAN Do it

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As dental professionals, we want everyone to have a healthy mouth.

It’s why we encourage our patients to brush their teeth twice daily. It’s why we encourage you to floss every day.

And it’s why we hope you will visit Biggers Family Dentistry a couple times every year for professional dental cleanings and exams. Yet, we know that is easier said than done for many people.

Dental anxiety is a real issue for millions of people across the United States, and that includes people in and around Midlothian, VA. Experts have estimated that as many as 20 percent of the population may avoid dental care for this reason.

We want to help. We can help. We know because we have helped countless patients find a way to overcome their anxiety. To learn more, call (804) 621-2199 or reach out to us with our online form .

This could be your first step toward a healthier smile.


Learn To Manage Your Dental Anxiety

You may have heard people talk about “conquering” their fears as if they are something to be dominated and never seen or heard from again. The reality is that dental anxiety can start with something small and grow into something bigger in your mind over time.

Many patients who are afraid of the dentist had a bad experience when they were younger. Thinking about that bad moment may prevent them from seeing how dentistry has changed. We don’t do things the same way we did 10 or 20 years ago.

Some patients are worried that their dental care will be painful. Again, this could have been because they lived through the old ways people used to do dental care or because they’ve seen too many unfortunate depictions of dentists on televisions and movies.

Many patients also are concerned that they will be judged harshly because they haven’t been to the dentist in years or decades. They may remember their old dentist being critical of their oral health, and they don’t want that experience again. That’s not how we do things at our office.

But we also understand why you may feel the way you do.

With the support of our dental team, we are confident that you can find a way to receive the restorative and preventive dental care that you need to improve and maintain your oral health.


Ways We Help Anxious Patients

Everything we do starts with our amazing, compassionate staff. We have decades of experience, and we want to help you just as we have helped so many other patients.

Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. We are happy to take a little more time, to answer your questions, or to take a break during your treatment if that will make it easy for you.

Our dentist, Dr. Hood Biggers, may even treat you to a song!

We also offer two forms of sedation dentistry. This has proven to be invaluable for many of our patients. Dental sedation will prevent you from feeling any pain, will help you relax, and will keep you calm throughout your visit.

Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide is an excellent option for patients with mild to moderate anxiety. It’s also known as laughing gas because many people feel euphoric when it is administered. Nitrous oxide takes effect quickly, and all you have to do is breathe it in to receive its benefits.

It also can be adjusted during your treatment as needed. When you are finished, we turn the gas off, and within a few minutes, you will be feeling like yourself again.

Oral sedation

For patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety, this may be a better option. Oral sedation is stronger than nitrous oxide, and its effects last longer. If you choose this option, you must arrange for a family member or friend to bring you to and from your appointment.

By taking a dose of medication about an hour before your appointment, you will be in a relaxed state so you can receive dental care.


Find Out More About How We Can Help You

Learning to overcome dental anxiety does not mean making it go away in a single trip to the dentist. It takes time, but together, we can make dental care a little easier for you to handle with each visit to Biggers Family Dentistry.

Again, you can learn more by calling (804) 621-2199 or by contacting us online .


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