Restore Damaged Teeth With Something ‘Nearly Indestructile’

Dental Crowns & Bridges 2 Midlothian, VA Dentist | Biggers Family Dentistry

Less than ideal teeth or missing teeth can kill your smile. When you come to our Midlothian VA dental office, Dr. Biggers and his staff will treat you with the state-of-the-art technology and gentle techniques.

We often treat patients who have had dental problems for years and are finally ready for a more permanent fix. A patient that comes to mind is John. He suffered a substantial dental injury when he was hit in the mouth. The accident cracked several teeth, which we later replaced with a dental bridge .

As he describes it, the restoration is “nearly indestructible.” Here’s more from John. If you’ve had a similar issue, give us a call today at 804-977-0092 to schedule your visit.



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