How Soon Should You Fix Your Smile?

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How long does it take to fix a smile?

We don’t mean this in the philosophical sense. We mean this in the literal, physical sense. If you had a broken tooth, how long should it take to restore your smile?

A week? Two weeks maybe?

Not at Biggers Family Dentistry.

We have CEREC dental crowns , which means we can repair your tooth and fix your smile in a single visit to our dentist office in Midlothian, VA.

To learn more about this remarkable restorative service, contact us online or call 804-621-2199 today.


The Old Way Of Getting Dental Crowns

Dental crowns have been a big part of restorative dentistry for centuries. Over the years, dental professionals have developed materials that last longer and look more lifelike when used as replacements for your damaged or missing teeth.

As amazing as today’s dental crowns are, the process used to be a little tedious.

Let’s say you were at the movies and bit into an unpopped kernel of popcorn. This caused a small crack to form in your tooth. It hurt enough that you stopped eating the popcorn, but not enough that you felt a need to do something about it right away.

By the next morning, the crack had started to spread. With a little time, a small piece of your tooth fell off. That’s when you finally decided that you should do something.

You would make an appointment with a dentist, who would reshape your tooth to remove the parts that had been weakened by the crack and to form a support to bond your dental crown in place … whenever your crown is ready.

There’s a good chance you would be sent home with a temporary crown. It may not provide much function, so you may have to be careful about how you eat while you wait for your permanent crown to be completed.

That crown is being made by a lab. Depending on how far it is from the dentist office and how many other orders were placed ahead of your crown, it could be weeks before your replacement tooth is ready.

When it is, that means another trip to the dentist office to have your real dental crown bonded in place.

That’s multiple trips to the dentist possibly weeks apart to get your dental crown. When that was your only option, it wasn’t too bad.

But we believe we have a better way today.


The CEREC Way Of Getting A Dental Crown

Here’s how we could handle that same situation with our CEREC crowns.

When you come to us with your cracked and broken tooth, we would make a digital impression of your mouth. This information would be fed into a computer to design a dental crown that is shaped to match your smile.

While you wait, our milling machine will reshape a small block of porcelain into a replacement for your damaged tooth. The computer program will guide the machine through this process.

Before you leave, your permanent crown will be completed and bonded to your tooth.

In the off chance something is wrong, we won’t have to reorder your dental crown from a dental lab. Instead, we can correct the problem ourselves in our office.

The difference for you is spending a few hours at our office one day or spreading out the process over a few hours during multiple visits to our office weeks apart.

We know which one we would prefer if we were our patients, and that’s why we invested in the CEREC machine for our practice. We believe everyone who visits our dentist office in Midlothian, VA, deserves the best dental care that we can offer.


What We Can Fix With A CEREC Crown

CEREC crowns can do anything that any other dental crown can do. This only significant difference is that you can get a CEREC crown in a single dental visit.

So, what do we fix with dental crowns?

➤ Broken teeth

➤ Cracked teeth

➤ Decayed teeth

➤ Discolored teeth

➤ Misshapen teeth

➤ Worn-down teeth

CEREC crowns also can be attached to a dental implant to replace a tooth that has fallen out, has been knocked out, or has been removed.

Could you use a dental crown? If so, call 804-621-2199 or contact us online to request an appointment at Biggers Family Dentistry today!


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