Symptoms That A Root Canal Is What You Need (video)

TMJ Treatment 3 Midlothian, VA Dentist | Biggers Family Dentistry

Have your teeth become more sensitive to hot or cold food and drinks? Does a tooth hurt when you try to bite or chew? Do you have a toothache that doesn’t seem to go away?

All of these could be signs that you have an infected tooth. As the video from the American Dental Association explains, these may be symptoms that you need a root canal .

Many people become anxious about learning they need a root canal treatment, but the truth is that we can do this painlessly at our office in Midlothian, VA. Using advanced techniques and sedation dentistry, we can remove your infection and restore your tooth with a root canal and crown.

If you suspect you may have a tooth infection, don’t delay. Call Biggers Family Dentistry at (804) 621-2199 today or request an appointment with our online form !

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