Why You’ll Love Our Same-Day Dental Crowns

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You’ll love our ability to fix your dental problems in a single day with our same day dental crowns

Is there anything worse than having to wait around when you’re dealing with a problem that needs to be fixed? At Biggers Family Dentistry, we dramatically cut down your waiting time with our same-day dental crowns. That means a faster fix for dental damage and less time for you to have to wait to get back to your normal activities.

Learn more about our same-day dental crowns and call us as soon as you can if you’re dealing with dental damage that needs to be fixed.

Same-Day Dental Crowns

Dr. Hood Biggers, the Midlothian, VA dentist leading our team here at Biggers Family Dentistry, regularly sees patients in need of a quick yet effective solution to their dental problem. We invested in a CEREC system that combined digital imaging and CAD/CAM (computer-assisted design and computer-assisted manufacturing) technology to make your crowns in just one visit to our office.

We know how busy schedules can be and we don’t want to have to take any more of your time than we need to, but you shouldn’t put off important and necessary dental work. Our same-day dental crowns allow you to take less time away from your schedule while getting the treatment you need.

The Convenience Factor

Who wouldn’t choose the more convenient option if it warranted the same results as the more complex option? We never want to inconvenience our patients.

To produce a dental restoration with CEREC, it takes about 2 ½ hours. You can relax and wait while Dr. Biggers and our team work until your crowns are ready.

This process is much easier and more convenient than the traditional crown-making process. Without the CEREC, we’d have to take an impression of your teeth and send it off to a dental laboratory. With that process, it can take up to two weeks to make your crown, during which you’d have to wear a temporary crown until your final one is sent to our office.

Benefits Of CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns

Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit to opting for CEREC same-day crowns is the amount of time you save by not having to come back for a second visit. We can restore your tooth with a dental crown in one visit to our Midlothian, VA dentist office, instead of two.

Additionally, our same-day crowns allow you to fix your dental problem quickly and efficiently, which is especially important if you’re uncomfortable or in pain. We are thrilled to be able to provide relief as soon as possible, instead of making you wait around.

Additional benefits of CEREC same-day crowns include:

  • Comfort

With our same-day dental crowns, you don’t have to sit with a tray of molding material in your mouth to take an impression for a dental lab. You also won’t have to wait for weeks for your custom-made crown to be made while wearing a temporary crown.

  • Accuracy

Dental crowns made with CEREC are made to match your own tooth more accurately. Dr. Biggers can make adjustments to the design if needed, which is much harder to do if your crowns are made in an off-site lab.

  • Durability

A CEREC same-day dental crown is made from one, solid block of ceramic. That makes the crown especially strong and able to last just as long as crowns made from other materials.

Learn More About How Same-Day Dental Crowns Can Help You

The only way to know for sure if you can benefit from same-day dental crowns is to see us for a consultation. During your visit to Biggers Family Dentistry, we can examine your mouth and discuss any issues you may be dealing with.

If you cracked a tooth or you’re experiencing discomfort, it’s especially important to call us right away so we can fix your tooth as soon as possible. Don’t wait another minute! Dial (804) 621-2199 or fill out our online form. Your health and happiness are our top priorities and you’re in good hands at Biggers Family Dentistry! A restored smile that is completely pain-free is just a phone call away!

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