Are You Getting The General Dentistry That You Should?

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You know the things that you should be doing to keep your mouth healthy.

You should brush your teeth twice a day. You should floss daily.

And you should have professional dental cleanings and exams twice a year. If you live in or near Midlothian, VA, you should visit our general dentist office for your oral care.

At Biggers Family Dentistry, you will find a caring and compassionate staff led by Dr. Hood Biggers. We use advanced technology to make your visits as comfortable as possible, but we remain committed to old-fashioned individual service.

As we approach the end of September, we wanted to remind you that you still have time to make an appointment before the end of the year. Call (804) 621-2199 or contact us online today!


Take Advantage Of Our General Dentistry

We urge you to visit us soon, especially if we haven’t seen you in 2017.

We encourage preventive care both because it’s better for your oral health and because it will save you money in the long run.

Regular cleanings reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Routine dental exams make it more likely that we will catch problems before they get out of hand and lead to bigger issues like tooth infections or periodontitis (advanced gum disease).

By preventing these problems or treating them as early as possible, you will be protecting your oral health. You can save yourself the pain that comes with these problems along with the expense of treating them.


Better General Dentistry With Technology

Take a moment to think about the ways technology has continued to improve our lives.

Features that were once considered luxuries are now standard features on our cars and trucks. Computers are getting more powerful every year, and today, we even carry small ones in our pockets and purses.

Technology is changing dentistry as well, and you deserve to benefit from those changes. That’s why we have incorporated some of the best dental technology available into our practice:

▶ CEREC allows us to create dental crowns in our office and to bond them to your teeth in a single visit.

▶ Digital impressions allow us to develop custom-designed treatments for you without you needing to bite down on trays filled with bad-tasting goop.

▶ Digital X-rays and scans use a fraction of the radiation that old film X-rays once did. That’s good for you and the people taking your X-rays.

▶ Diode lasers give us a gentle way of treating various oral health issues.


General Dentistry Is More Than Just Cleanings

When you think of a dentist office, you probably think about cleanings and exams. You may think about the particular tools used to remove plaque and tartar buildup. You might think about the tools to polish your teeth to help them look their best, too.

That’s the foundation of our general preventive care, but you can build on that as well.

Tooth decay may be the most common oral health issue facing our country, but gum disease is not far behind. Believe it or not, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States.

If we find gum disease early, scaling and root planing (along with a commitment to brushing and flossing at home) often can clean up the problem. In more serious cases, we may use a dental laser to remove infected gum tissue as well.

In addition to fighting periodontal disease and cavities, we also want to protect your smile from physical injuries. This is why we would be happy to make an athletic mouthguard for you or any member of your family.

Athletes who wear mouthguards are 60 times less likely to suffer serious dental injuries than athletes who don’t wear them. Custom-fitted mouthguards, which we make, have two particularly important advantages over store-bought mouthguards.

First and foremost, custom-fitted mouthguards provide better protection. Second, custom-fitted mouthguards are smaller. This makes them more comfortable to wear and less likely to interfere with your breathing and speaking while you are playing your favorite sport.


Keep Smiling With General Dentistry

You want a healthy mouth. You want a nice-looking smile.

General dentistry is the key to maintaining both of those things. To learn more, contact Biggers Family Dentistry or better yet make plans to visit us soon. You can request an appointment online or call (804) 621-2199.

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