Keep Smiling All Summer With These Oral Health Tips

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Summer makes us want to smile. The sunshine, the time away from school, family vacations, and going for a dip in a pool are all part of what makes summer special.

Summer also means heat, and that can present some issues that concern your oral health.

We hope will we get to see you and your family at our dentist office in Midlothian, VA, too. Summer is a great time for a dental cleaning and exam. Call 804-621-2199 or contact us online to schedule your appointment at Biggers Family Dentistry.

While we do look forward to seeing you, it will take more than a dental visit to keep your mouth healthy for the next few months. In today’s post, we are offering a few tips for the hottest season of the year.


Water Is Good For You, Good For Your Teeth

Water doesn’t have the slick promotions that are used to sell sugary soft drinks and sports drinks. Water is just good and good for you on hot summer days.

It’s good any day really, but drinking water is especially important when dehydration is possible. In fact, feeling thirsty and having a dry mouth are two of the early signs of dehydration. This is your body’s way of letting you know that it needs water — hopefully before it becomes a bigger problem.

We’ve all had dry mouth at one time or another. That sandpapery tongue is not a good feeling. Drinking water throughout the day is important. When you are being active whether you are playing a sport or working in the yard, plan to take water breaks to stay hydrated.

From a dental standpoint, dry mouth can be trouble. When your mouth is dry, this is good for bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Saliva helps to remove food particles and wash away plaque from your teeth. This reduces your risk of developing cavities or inflamed gums. Staying hydrated makes it easier for you to keep producing saliva.


Be Aware Of Chlorine Levels

Chlorine is added to swimming pools for an important reason. It helps to kill bacteria that cause germs.

Too much chlorine exposure can be bad for your teeth, however.

Now, we do understand how great it feels to go for a swim on a hot day. For your smile’s sake, be aware of the pH levels in the pools that you use regularly.

Pool test strips are available in many locations. The Centers For Disease Control recommends that pools should register between 7.2 and 7.8 on the pH scale. Whether you have your own pool or you regularly visit a community pool, this is important information to know.

Swimmers also should keep an eye out for swimmer’s calculus, especially those who spend more than six hours per week in the pool. Chlorine can leave deposits on your teeth that can cause your smile to turn brown or yellow. Let us know if you notice these kinds of changes in your smile.


Plan Ahead To Snack Healthy

Most of us have run out to greet the ice cream truck from time to time. We enjoy ice cream, too, but we also know there is a risk of cavities that comes with eating sugary treats every day.

And yes, that does include sugary juices, fruit-flavored drinks, soft drinks, and sports drinks.

As parents, you know how much your kids can eat (and eat and eat …), but you don’t want them munching on chips and candy all day. Now would be a good time to talk to your kids about healthy snacking and about saving sweet treats for special occasions.

Find out what healthy snacks your kids enjoy, and keep those on hand to make it easier for them to make good decisions.

When you do enjoy some ice cream or a candy bar, have a glass of water as well. The water can help to remove the sugar from your mouth and lower your risk of cavities.


Schedule A Visit With Us

You already know that regular dental check-ups help find and prevent problems. In the summer, your kids don’t have to miss any school for their dental care.

Our team at Biggers Family Dentistry also offers dental sealants and fluoride treatments. These can add a layer of protection against tooth decay and strengthen the enamel of your teeth.

If you haven’t already scheduled your next dental cleaning, call our dentist office in Midlothian, VA, at 804-621-2199 or fill out our online form today.

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