3 Healthy Teeth Tips To Keep In Mind This Halloween [BLOG]

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Our job at Biggers Family Dentistry is to make sure our patients have all the tools they need to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Part of that means bringing your family in for routine cleanings and exams , but the other part happens at home.

Since we’re just days away from Halloween, we wanted to help you protect your family’s teeth as you navigate through the tricky territory of sugary treats.

3 Healthy Teeth Tips For Halloween

While we strive to educate our patients about the importance of limiting sugar for the sake of good oral health, we’re also realistic about what Halloween means for our Midlothian, VA families.

Rather than expect parents and kids to stay away from candy entirely, we’re giving you some healthy teeth tips for getting through this particularly sugary holiday without harming your family’s smiles!

Tip #1 – Know Candy Tricks Vs. Treats

The more time your teeth are exposed to sugar, the more opportunity harmful bacteria have to feed off of it. The acids that result will begin to eat away at your teeth and pave the way for decay and cavities.

Stay away from types of candy that play tricks on your teeth like suckers, jawbreakers, toffee, gooey caramel, and taffy. Again, anything that takes a long time to eat or that literally sticks to your teeth is no treat for your smile!

Tip #2 – Avoid The Sweet Tooth Temptation

The sweet tooth is real.

And it’s loud and bossy.

To avoid the temptation of overindulging your sweet tooth, keep the Halloween candy out of sight in a drawer or cabinet rather than let it sit on the kitchen counter for the next couple of weeks.

That way, you and your family can enjoy a piece or two as an after-dinner treat rather than as a snack substitute all throughout the day.

Tip #3 – Give Your Mouth A Rinse!

If you’re taking in a bit more sugar this time of year because of Halloween candy, it’s a good idea to give your mouth an extra rinse here and there. Between your normal brushing and flossing, it’s helpful to rinse your mouth out with water to wash away food particles and debris left behind after meals… and that piece of candy you just snuck from the cabinet.

Don’t worry. We won’t tell!

Schedule Your Next Appointment

We’re excited to hear about your family’s trick-or-treating adventures!

Be sure to schedule a post-Halloween dental appointment in Midlothian, VA so we can make sure your little ones made it through the holiday with healthy teeth and gums.

You can also take advantage of preventive services like dental sealants and fluoride treatments to give your family’s smiles added protection against tooth decay and cavities.

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